Sinara Market Data Platform

The Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP) is a comprehensive collection, management and distribution platform for low-latency real-time streaming data, intraday data and reference data. It is typically used for ticker plants, feeding trading systems and large-scale streaming distribution for both trading exchanges/venues and data consumers such as online brokers, banks and hedge funds.


Reconciliation Engine

Sinara’s Reconciliation Engine (RE) is a powerful and configurable tool to manage the reconciliation or matching of records arriving on two or more data sources. For example, a trading organisation needs to take action when a trade it believes it has carried out is reported differently or not at all by the counterparty. The RE workflow highlights this situation on screen until it is resolved.


Universal Data Extractor

Sinara’s Universal Data Extractor (UDE) is a highly configurable software application that allows both financial market data providers and data consumers to identify and extract key data items from a variety of data sources such as news stories (e.g. LSE’s RNS), spreadsheets or pdfs.


Automated Test Workbench

Sinara's Automated Test Workbench is a tool for managing, automating and auditing software testing. It can be used as a standalone tool for regression testing of existing client software, or as an integral part of a Sinara project delivery.