Automated Test Workbench

Drawing on our experience of building, integrating and testing complex real-time and financial systems, Sinara has created the Sinara Automated Test Workbench (ATW) – an integrated tool for managing, automating and auditing software testing.  It is particularly valuable in reducing costs and timescales associated with regression testing.

Test Management – the ATW is a complete test case repository and management tool that can bring together existing test scripts and documentation, together with previous test runs and results. This improves the overall administration of the testing and allows repeat test runs to be set up and executed more quickly and easily.

Test Automation – use the ATW’s graphical front-end to create a set of application-specific actions on which to build a suite of test cases and scripts for the software under test.

  • Handle fully automated, partially automated and manual tests.
  • Ensure actions and scripts are run on the correct servers and in the correct order.
  • Set up test data and process behaviour appropriate for each test.
  • Execute the same test within different testing environments.
  • Use plug-ins to integrate third-party utilities, such as GUI testing tools.
  • Execute tests interactively or in batch mode.
  • Handle functional, performance and scalability testing.

Audit – testers can easily view test results through the front-end, avoiding the need for manual checking of log files, data files, or database tables to ensure that everything matches the expected outcome.

  • See exactly where a test failed and diagnose the problem.
  • Capture and record evidence, such as screenshots or log files, to show that the test was successful.
  • Track historical results to provide management information about the progress in testing new systems or QA of existing systems.

Sinara can supply the Automated Test Workbench as a standalone tool for regression testing of existing client software, or as part of a project delivery of software from Sinara.