For customers whose original data sources start out as text, the task of identifying and extracting the key information from these sources is time-consuming and often repetitive. Sinara have demonstrated that by deploying UDE, customers can save much of this effort and cost, which in turn allows them to offer faster or more complete data to their clients or trading systems.


The UDE system runs constantly, processing the most up-to-date announcements and providing accurate and instantaneous output from those.  The UDE is capable of up to 95% successful automatic extraction.  Any verification or correction can be done via an easy-to-use and configurable front-end application bundled with the UDE system.


The UDE can be configured to meet exact requirements on a per customer basis.  Only data required by the customer will be extracted, removing the need to filter out any peripheral or unwanted content. UDE can be configured to find specific numerical values, dates and text strings. A comprehensive Data Dictionary enables UDE to identify different terms used to define the same type of data item (e.g. in a Company Profit & Loss Statement, the value for “Group Turnover” may be shown as Turnover, Sales, Revenue from Sales, etc).


All data extracted from content is converted into standard formats and stored in a database, allowing for easy comparison of like data items.