Third Party Software

Sinara also provides a System Stabilise & Support service to clients to support systems not originally developed by Sinara. This service is ideal for clients who are faced with supporting and enhancing ‘problem IT systems’, often due to one of the following situations:

  • The ‘quick prototype’ that ended up as an operational system
  • A system developed in-house, but current staff no longer retain knowledge of the design or technology used
  • A system developed externally or off-shore but the original developers are unable to provide a cost-effective or reliable support service

Sinara apply strong systems design and software engineering skills to bring such systems into a stable and known state. From there we can fix problems, add new functionality and support the system as part of our well-established software support service.

This service is ideal for ongoing maintenance and support of ‘problem IT systems’ which can often present an organisation with serious operational issues or restrict their ability to adapt to new business opportunities. Sinara’s support service ensures that such systems become more reliable and can then be extended to meet changing business needs.