Trading Operational Systems

Exchanges always need to design new products and services for their clients; trading firms and brokers look for competitive advantage through use of technology. Sinara’s expertise in exchange core systems, market data systems and pre- and post-trade makes us the ideal partner.


Market Data Distribution

Sinara can build high performance, flexible market data distribution systems leveraging our own Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP). The platform delivers data to both internal applications or users, as well as your external clients.


Development Project Resources

For new software projects where you need a reliable development partner to take on the whole project, or simply provide more skilled people for your team, Sinara can work with you to deliver on time and budget.


Legacy System Support

Sinara’s System Stabilise & Support service is ideal for ongoing maintenance and support of ‘problem IT systems’ which can often present an organisation with serious operational issues or restrict their ability to adapt to new business opportunities.