Development Project Resources

Do you have a software project where you simply don’t have the right mix of skills or enough resources to meet those critical deadlines? For many general software design, development and testing needs, our full time Sinara staff can work with your own IT team, either on-site or from our own offices, to help you get the job done.

Sinara’s development teams bring experience and expertise from every aspect of the development life-cycle. All work is done by full-time Sinara staff so we can guarantee the high quality of the project work we do for every client.

Our consultants have a strong technical competence. They will understand the underlying business problem and any proposed software solution, enabling good communication with all parties.

Our individual consultants or small teams can work on a client’s site to design and build new IT systems or extend existing ones. This systems development work can be managed by the client or Sinara.

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