About Sinara

Steve Dobb

Steve has worked in software engineering since 1984 and has been involved in all aspects of the software development process. Together with Dennis and Phil, he was responsible for founding Sinara in 1989. Since then, he has mostly worked on high-performance systems for the financial securities markets, including financial markets trading, data management and dissemination. He is the primary driver behind Sinara’s range of financial markets data processing products. Steve also performs consultancy assignments and has a lead role in designing scalable systems architectures and networking for large scale deployments of Sinara’s technology, both at client sites and at Sinara’s London data centre. Steve has a BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

Dennis Church

Dennis is one of the founding directors of Sinara. When his doctorate in Geochemistry proved less useful than anticipated, he became a software engineer and discovered he was rather good at it. His professional journey progressed from programmer through to business analyst and software architect. As Sinara grew, Dennis combined his technical role with recruitment and staff development. Recently, having helped establish an effective company culture, Dennis has stepped back from HR matters to focus on consultancy and product development. Over his career, Dennis has acquired knowledge in a number of application areas, including market data feeds and metal trading calendars to name but two. Perhaps surprisingly he is somewhat technophobic, resisting ownership of a smartphone until it was forced upon him by colleagues.

Phil Bain

Phil’s computing career began whilst still at school in 1979, writing and selling 6502 assembler computer games. After university he joined a small software house in 1985 as a software engineer. Along with Dennis and Steve he co-founded Sinara in 1989. His work progressed from C++ Software Engineer to Project Manager and then Program Manager, working on multi-year projects for London based brokers and banks. He now focuses on Sinara’s strategy, commercial offerings and client relationships. Phil is a keen sponsor of Sinara’s R&D initiatives, striving to offer competitive advantage to Sinara’s clients. His domain knowledge in the world of trading is particularly strong in the realms of financial mathematics such as option pricing and risk management. Phil has a BSc in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics from the University of Warwick.

Vinod Ghantiwala

Vinod has worked in the software engineering industry for more than 35 years, including 25 years as a Director of Sinara Consultants Ltd. He is experienced and knowledgeable in developing software using C, C++, SQL and web technologies in a number of different areas related to the financial sector. He has been involved in a number of projects defining the specification and design through to managing the implementation, to final delivery of the system to clients. As a director, Vinod also assists Sinara’s sales staff on pre-sales activities, such as putting together requests for proposal (RFP) and researching technical solutions for clients. Vinod has a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Computer Science from the Queen Elizabeth College, University of London.

Sarah Maris
Head of Engineering

Sarah is Head of Engineering at Sinara Consultants. She has worked for Sinara for 24 years, being involved in the successful delivery of many key software projects. Sarah has a deep pragmatic knowledge of best practice in software development, project management methodologies and the implementation of effective project control. She manages Sinara’s project delivery and software development functions, working closely with Project Managers, Developers and Test Engineers to deliver projects and systems to clients. She retains a client facing role and is active in account management and support of systems.

Tom Habibi
Head of Software Development

Tom is the Head of Software Development at Sinara. In his role he works with and leads Sinara’s team of Senior Developers to make sure that Sinara is at the forefront of modern software development and engineering. Tom has worked on some of Sinara’s biggest projects from high performance feed handlers to Monte Carlo engines to web applications with complex business requirements as a developer, project manager and requirements analyst.
Tom joined Sinara in 2005 after achieving a MEng in Computer Science and Software Engineering from University of York.

Patricia Moneo Rodrigo
Application Support Manager

Patricia joined Sinara in 2018 as an Application Support Analyst with over 6 years of IT management and technical experience in multiple sectors (finance, manufacturing). Patricia has since progressed to Application Support Manager, managing the Support team and working closely with Sinara’s clients’ technical and support teams to resolve operational issues. She has strong leadership skills balanced with collaborative focus to maintain solid relationships with co-workers while giving clear direction to the support team. Patricia is responsible for overseeing all incidents and requests and coordinating response to critical issues raised, as well as maintaining strong relationships with clients.

Mark Barringer
Head of Operations

Mark joined Sinara in 2017 as Application Support Manager. He is now the Head of Operations at Sinara, working alongside the department heads focusing on improving service value to clients and also has specific responsibility for hiring the best new talent as the company grows. He has a background in a variety of technical, customer-focused and sales roles for product vendors in the data-related and database technology sectors. Mark has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Mathematics from the University of Warwick.

Hamish Adourian
Head of Sales & Marketing

Hamish joined Sinara in 2006 as a software engineer, building a strong background in the design and development of systems for exchange operations, commodities trading and market data distribution. Having a keen interest in business, he progressed into sales & marketing, bringing to customers his insights into how technology can help solve challenges faced by participants in the financial markets. He has worked with many of Sinara’s trading, clearing, and exchange clients, and enjoys meeting new customers and learning about their work. Hamish has also taken part in graduate recruitment at Sinara, while not denying reports that he has made life difficult for the unprepared interviewee. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Physics from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Anita Nair
Finance Manager

Anita Nair is the Finance Manager at Sinara Consultants Ltd and has over 10 years’ experience in the accounting and finance realm. She has a demonstrated history across numerous industries including business consulting, retail, hospitality, a Tech start-up company and in the accounting practice too. She has been involved in various aspects of finance from external auditing, management reporting, being responsible for investor portfolios, helping set up a company branch overseas for international operations to playing a key role in the build and launch of a new finance department for a start-up. Anita holds a BA(Hons) in Sociology from The University of Kent, Canterbury and is currently working towards the CIMA qualification.

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