• SinaraMDP
    ✓ We have built and supported systems based on our SinaraMDP platform to handle fast-moving low latency data at high volumes

  • Market data delivery
    ✓ We bring in-depth knowledge of the components that make up a typical system that produces and distributes market data

  • Web/cloud based feeds
    ✓ Sinara can help deliver new data solutions in different formats, including web or mobile portals with data visualisation

  • ICE Data Services (formerly Interactive Data) Market Data Feeds
    ✓ Sinara has worked as a software partner with ICE over many years, providing our advanced feed handler and distribution software to over 100 ICE customers. Sinara has built up an in-depth knowledge of their consolidated data feed (PlusFeed) and the underlying real-time and reference data from hundreds of worldwide exchanges

  • Market Data Integration
    ✓ Sinara can work with data vendor clients who require bespoke software development services and support in order to integrate their feeds

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