Lipper Data Feed Handler

A major financial news provider wanted to offer investors the latest fund performance data sourced from the Lipper Global Data feed, provided by Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv). This feed provides global coverage for mutual funds, retirement funds, pension funds and expenses. The news provider needed the entire daily feed to be processed overnight so that the latest performance data would be available for publishing by the time the business day started.

Though the client had an in-house software development team, they needed to bring in extra resource to ensure this solution was built in time to meet their marketing goals. Sinara was engaged to develop the feed handler that would extract the necessary details from the Lipper feed on a daily basis, and deliver it to the client’s own business applications for distribution to customers.

Sinara worked with the provider’s operations team to agree a high level specification of how the feed handler should work, what information it should extract, as well as the output database model. The database itself was on a shared SQL Server instance used by other business applications. Although the performance requirement was not real-time, it was still essential that each of the large Lipper files (supplied as compressed XML via FTP) was processed within a target period in order for the overall operation to complete on time.

Sinara developers proceeded to iteratively build the feed handler (in C#/.NET) with regular testing on the live Lipper feed. Sinara also assisted with the deployment on the client’s site and continued to refine its performance to suit the target environment. As the client intended to continue future development of the application in-house, Sinara performed a handover of the source code after the project was completed.

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