Dividend Service

Sinara developed an early-morning data service in conjunction with the London Stock Exchange (LSE) to provide traders with Company Dividend data automatically extracted from Company Regulatory Announcements.

Importantly, traders or broker-dealers are able to receive Dividend data extracted from early morning announcements prior to the opening of the London market, and feed this data into their daily trading strategies. Further dividend data is made available throughout the day.

The hosted service uses Sinara’s Universal Data Extractor (UDE) software tool, which processes all UK regulatory news stories and company announcements, including those containing dividend information, many of which are published early in the morning. Subscribers can therefore receive timely, accurate company data such as dividends well before market open, avoiding the need to manually check every company announcement.

The system developed by Sinara runs in Interxion’s London¬† data centre and is maintained for high-availability.

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