Dynamic Calendar Data Source

The London Metal Exchange has a number of internal and external trading systems, all of which must make use of a prompt date calendar, which shows which days are business days when trading can occur. A systems review concluded that a ‘golden source’ was needed for LME calendar data, including not only prompt dates but expiry and settlement dates.

Sinara was engaged to design and develop a centralised service that other LME systems could use to obtain this calendar data. The project involved fully understanding the nuances of prompt date calculation–highly configurable contract prompt structures meant that the calculation code had to be sufficiently generic.

Sinara developed a SOAP web service, providing a wide variety of calendar-related functions which other LME applications could access. Calendar calculations depend on various configurable values in the LME’s enterprise data management system, so the service is not tied to a particular prompt structure. Entirely new contracts with new prompt structures can be added just by adding them to the management system.

The project was also an opportunity for Sinara’s then recently developed Automated Test Workbench to be used in regression testing of the calendar system. Successful completion of the Calendar Data project led to Sinara undertaking several additional projects to integrate the new data source with the other LME systems.

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