Exchange Billing System

Sinara were asked to help provide some additional functionality for an existing billing system running live at a European stock exchange.

The requirement was to provide some ‘what-if’ functions to allow the business users to see the effects of changes to various billing parameters. The system managed multiple products, per customer annual cost caps, discount and rebate schemes.

Sinara worked with the client’s business users to understand the core algorithmic requirement of the billing system. We reviewed the front end of the existing application and some of the past billing reports created by it. We also took a copy of the live database schema to understand the data model. We were then able to recreate the core algorithms in new stored procedures, checking the output against the reports from the live system.

A working prototype system incorporating what-if functions was made available to the business users through a simple web interface. This allowed the business users to change pricing parameters and observe the results in total and per customer billing amounts over a single year.

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