Price Reporting and Calculation

Sinara were engaged by a major commodities exchange to take over the development and ongoing support of a new price entry, reporting and calculations engine. The aim of this system was to assist the exchange’s market operations team in establishing and disseminating various key sets of reference prices throughout the trading day.

The software developed by Sinara met the exchange’s goals by enabling market operations users to quickly enter prices for different commodities on a tablet device and to perform publishing, report generation and other business processes on a desktop PC. As well as its data entry and retrieval functions, the system provides at-a-glance status updates for the trading day’s workflow, instantly reflects changes made by other users, and integrates closely with several of the exchange’s other trading and monitoring systems.

In addition to developing new portions of the software, Sinara adapted and enhanced both the client’s legacy code and various components built by previous developers. Sinara’s team worked closely with the client’s in-house analysts, testing and support teams, in order to adapt rapidly to on-going changes in requirements and incorporate feedback from testers and end-users.

The back-end of the system consists of a web service for processing user requests (developed in C# and ASP.NET), a Windows service for performing background calculations (C#), and a database for storing current and historical pricing data (SQL Server). The interactive front-end consists of a browser-based application (HTML and JavaScript) optimised for major desktop browsers and tablets. The software was designed from the outset to allow efficient use by multiple simultaneous users with different roles and permissions, to enforce stringent data validation, and to permit access to specific areas in accordance with the trading day schedule.

The functionality was developed over several phases and consistently delivered on time and on budget. Sinara continue to provide further enhancements and releases as well as a full software support service for this application.

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