CFD Trading System

Sinara customised and installed its Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP) to provide streaming Level 1 and Level 2 equities data to power a Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading system.

SinaraMDP integrates Interactive Data’s high-speed digital datafeed PlusFeed to deliver the streaming real-time data required for applications, where on-screen prices are time-critical.

The system handles extremely high data volumes, including level 1 and 2 data from major US exchanges. In order to allow the client’s front end application and users to cope with these message volumes, Sinara developed a unique intelligent ‘throttling’ mechanism. This involves aggregating the individual ticks for a data item and sending out consolidated ticks at a slower rate. The consolidated ticks always contain the latest data, and trades are always passed straight through. Throttling is configurable per market and level, which gave the client a very flexible solution.

The throttling mechanism makes SinaraMDP ideal for online equity or CFD trading and spread betting, providing a mechanism for such systems and their users to mitigate the ever-increasing data volumes from exchanges.

The software for SinaraMDP is written mainly in C++, using IP multicasting to distribute data to client processes. Client applications interface with SinaraMDP using standard API’s, and in this case Sinara provided .NET API’s emulating the client’s previous data supplier’s interface.

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