Equiduct Feed Handler

A European customer of Sinara’s Market Data Platform (MDP) had a requirement to integrate market data from the Equiduct trading platform into their existing system and make the data available to their client and web applications.

Sinara wrote HybridBook and VBBO feed handlers to connect to Equiduct’s ITCH market data gateway. This real-time data is then fed into the client’s SinaraMDP from where it is disseminated to the client applications.

The Equiduct data was integrated into SinaraMDP so that it was made available via the same real-time publish-and-subscribe interface as their existing market data sources. This enabled the client to integrate it quickly with minimum change to their own applications.

Equiduct reference data was also captured into SinaraMDP using a new reference feed handler, and was then available to the client’s applications through the standard HTTP based Interactive Interface.

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