Request For Quote System

Sinara were engaged by a multinational commodities broker to build a web-based application that will provide their customers with an easy way of requesting quotes and accepting them, thus executing trades. The system would be in effect an automation of a pre-existing telephone based system that involved a dealer or account manager speaking with the customer, taking their order details, and supplying a quote.

The client had several key aims for the system:

  • Handling moderate recent increases in trades generated
  • Handling significant ongoing increases in quote requests
  • Significantly reducing the turnaround time for generating quotes

The fundamental requirement of the system was to allow customers to request a quote based on certain criteria (commodity, prompt date, volume etc.), and accept or reject the quote offered by the broker within a set amount of time. An accepted quote will then be processed by the broker as a trade.

The quote request is handled by a member of the broker’s dealing staff, who will calculate the price/rate and return the quote to the customer. Being a multinational company, the team is distributed across several offices around the world, any one of which can process the quote.

Sinara developed an initial functional specification in close consultation with various key client stakeholders, including IT, dealers, and marketing. Regular demonstrations of the resulting application were held to show progress both London-based and overseas staff and gain their feedback. Good user interface design was crucial in ensuring that the front end application was clear and easy to use for both customers and the broker’s staff. The requirements for the system both changed and increased significantly during the course of the initial phase of the project, and Sinara adapted to that successfully.

The system was built in C# and TypeScript/JavaScript on the ASP.NET MVC framework, and used a SQL Server database (via Entity Framework and LINQ). An internal desktop application was also developed in C# and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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