Sinara works with its clients on a consultancy basis bringing our experience and expertise in building realtime trading systems. Assignments can cover a range of high-level project activities at every point of the development life-cycle, including business analysis, systems architecture and systems investigation. All work is done by full-time Sinara staff so we can guarantee the high quality of the project work we do for every client.

Project Management – All projects are different, but all must have tight planning. Our in-house standards provide practical assistance not a set of boxes to be ticked, and our project managers take a pragmatic approach based on many years of successful projects.

Requirements Analysis & Specification – Our consultants have a strong technical competence. They will understand the underlying business problem and any proposed software solution, enabling good communication with all parties.

System Design & Build – Our individual consultants or small teams can work at a client’s site to design and build new systems or extend existing ones. This systems development work can be managed by the client or Sinara.

Legacy System Migration, Integration & Support – Our wide technical experience gained over 30 years allows us to take on systems that you no longer have the time or specialist skills required for their maintenance or enhancement.

Troubleshooting – For many systems, data volumes and complexity can increase markedly over a short time, which can lead to performance problems. Sinara can analyse such systems to help solve those “it used to work, but now it doesn’t” problems that can be so difficult to crack.

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