Development Teams

Sinara can assign experienced teams to a client’s development project, leading to a higher-quality solution at a lower cost.

  • All team members are experienced full-time employees of Sinara, who can be led by one of our team leaders/project managers or work under the client’s own management
  • Clients get the right balance of expertise and skills from a single trusted supplier
  • Senior staff such as system architects or designers can be scheduled in for specific phases or brought in for activities such as design reviews, test planning, etc.
  • Team productivity is improved through easier communication and the shared experience of a common project approach
  • Teams or individuals can work as part of a Sinara managed project or on a daily fee basis
  • We provide ongoing software support and maintenance using the pool of staff who worked on the original development

The flexibility of Sinara’s project staffing approach enables Sinara and our clients to manage project costs and resources in the most efficient way, whilst always having on-demand access to specialist Sinara staff throughout the development and then into the support phase.

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