Sinara works with a wide range of both established and leading-edge technologies, including our own software libraries and components built up over many years of creating solutions for the financial industry. Our choice of technology for a specific project will always be based upon the most appropriate and reliable tools that will meet our clients’ needs.

Sinara’s strong software development background, and our focus on delivering reliable systems, has meant that we have been able to include new technologies in our client work without compromising on quality. Equally, we recognise that system lifespans are getting longer, so our systems are designed to be enhanced and adapted, providing our clients with greater value for money over the lifetime of the system.

The main technologies we use are:

Platforms Windows, Linux, Mobile (Android, iOS)
Databases SQL Server (including SSIS and SSRS), Oracle
Languages C# (.NET Framework & .NET Core), C++, Java
Web HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript/TypeScript, JQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap, Knockout, D3, ASP.NET SignalR, Web Sockets, JSON, XML, IIS, Apache
Server Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Entity Framework
Communications TCP/IP, TLS/SSL, UDP, IP Multicast, FTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FIX
Desktop Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Mobile Xamarin, Android SDK, Objective-C, HTML5, JQuery Mobile, Ruby, RhoMobile


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