Systems Integration

In the complex world of exchanges and trading, no system operates in isolation. Integrating multiple systems to deliver the required results has always been part of Sinara’s service offering. Our expertise includes use of standard interfaces such as FIX, specialist APIs, and an in-depth understanding of communications protocols.

When designing new systems, or replacing legacy systems, Sinara analyse the overall system architecture and performance to deliver the optimum integrated solution.

Analysis – Our experts work with your business and IT teams to understand the business requirements and specify how existing and new software components can be used to deliver the desired system. For example, there may be manual or semi-manual steps used to copy data from one existing system to another that the client needs to automate. Critical data once locked away in spreadsheets might now have to become more easily accessible to the rest of the business.

Component Integration – Sinara brings its strong software engineering expertise to handle integration work that requires changes to existing software components that will enable them to expose their data in useable form to the rest of the system. This is particularly important for legacy systems where the original developers may no longer be available and the code has not been properly maintained.

Data Integration – Data is often provided by software components or external systems in a number of different forms, from simple bulk file transfers to more sophisticated and structured data products. Sinara has existing feed handlers, APIs and developer toolkits to process and integrate data delivered via IP, XML, FIX, FTP transfer, etc. Our software handles everything from streaming real-time data to slow-moving file-based data and enables rapid integration with third party, in-house and new applications. We can also work with third-party message bus architectures or data integration products.

Database Design – Sinara builds databases and access mechanisms to provide clients with a data repository or data warehouse that is secure, easy to access and responsive. For market data applications, our databases link asset classes and can be extended to include new data types. Database designs may need to be flexible to support multiple applications or optimised for individual applications such as transaction cost analysis, portfolio valuation or even back-testing for algo trading.

Support and Enhancement – Clients’ data requirements change over time, and external data suppliers change and enhance their content. Sinara offers a range of support options to keep systems running and provide software changes to respond to these changing needs.

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