Trading Operational Systems

Exchanges always need to design new products and services for their clients; trading firms and brokers look for competitive advantage through use of technology. Sinara’s expertise in core exchange systems, market data systems and pre- and post-trade makes us the ideal partner.



Market Data Distribution

The Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP) is a comprehensive collection, management and distribution platform for low-latency real-time streaming data, intraday data and reference data. It is typically used for feeding trading systems and large-scale streaming distribution for both trading exchanges/venues and data consumers such as online brokers, banks and hedge funds.


RFQ & Auction Systems

Exchanges and broker firms looking to provide their clients with improved access to liquidity for large or specialised orders see the benefit in offering request-for-quote (RFQ) or auction systems alongside their existing order-book trading platform. Sinara has developed web-based frameworks for applications that allow traders to access RFQ services, and market makers to respond to requests in a timely manner.


Market Surveillance

Trading venues need to ensure safe, orderly markets and comply with regulation by monitoring trading activity. Sinara have built both realtime and end-of-day market surveillance systems that identify potentially suspect trading patterns and alert the client’s operations team through email/SMS, as well as displaying market activity through a web-based dashboard.


Financial News Analysis

Sinara’s Universal Data Extractor (UDE) is a highly configurable software application that allows both financial market data providers and data consumers to identify and extract key data items from a variety of alternative and unstructured data sources such as news feeds, emails, or PDFs.