Sinara’s ChartServer is a high performance server process, designed and optimised for market data applications, which builds and dispenses charts or time-series data on demand.

ChartServer can be deployed alongside other components of SinaraMDP, or be integrated with any other market data source. Some of the typical scenarios where ChartServer can be used include:

  • An exchange wishes to offer its customers web-based visualisation of realtime, delayed or historical market data
  • A trading desk needs to see live data from internal or other systems
  • A broker wants to offer retail investors live data in its online trading platform

As a server process, ChartServer works with any web development technology such as ASP.NET, and supports a wide range of chart types, display types and common pricing technical indicators:

  • Candlesticks / OHLC bars
  • Histograms
  • Finance time scale
  • Price bands: Bollinger, Donchian, envelope
  • Moving averages: simple, weighted, exponential, triangular

ChartServer also has a client-side JavaScript+SVG component that can be embedded in desktop and mobile web applications to display the charts with full customisation capabilities and interactive functionality such as tooltips, crosshair and zoom.

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