The Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP) is a fully-integrated and flexible system for handling a wide range of market data and reference data sources, combining external data with internal content to give clients a complete and consistent view of data they need to feed their business applications.

SinaraMDP has been successfully deployed in a number of application areas, including:

  • Data Dissemination platform for a major commodities exchange
  • Hosted data distribution platform serving multiple clients of a leading market data vendor
  • Data Distribution Platform for global provider of mobile market data applications
  • Data Distribution Platform for leading European online broker
  • Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading system
  • Financial portals and websites; transaction cost analysis; portfolio management

Content – The open platform is vendor-neutral and supports asset classes from exchanges worldwide, including equities, indices, commodities, FX, fixed income, futures and options, derivatives, etc. Data can be sourced from any consolidated feed vendor, reference data supplier, direct feeds, external files/databases which can all be combined with internal data. Protocols supported include ITCH and FIX, as well as proprietary data and news formats.

High Performance – SinaraMDP provides speed, resilience and flexibility to market data delivery and management operations. Use of multi-threaded software and multi-core processors provide maximum throughput and low latency.

Scalable Solution – Deploy an easy and cost-effective solution which can be configured to include just the modules needed by the client, with the option of then expanding to handle larger volumes, new data sets or new applications.

Easy Data Integration – Ensure rapid data integration with in-house applications or 3rd party software packages. Advanced APIs are available for C++, C#, Java, XML, common mobile platforms (iOS, Android), Excel. Supported databases include SQL Server and Oracle.

Customisation– Sinara offers system design, development and integration services to customise SinaraMDP to meet specific client requirements. The core system is built around a number of feed handlers, messaging and processing software, database components and software libraries designed for the efficient processing of real-time market data and file-based reference or pricing data.

Value-added components – Permissioning/reporting; Throttle (data conflation); Calculation Engine; Data Delivery via Web Services; Delay Engine; Consolidated Order Book; Charting; Alerting; Dow Jones News Handler; System Management; Test Tools.

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