Trade Reconciliation

Sinara’s Reconciliation Engine (RE) is a flexible and highly configurable tool for managing the reconciliation or matching of financial records, typically trade confirmations, arriving on two or more data sources.

For example, the built-in workflow tools would allow a trading organisation to take action when a trade it believes it has carried out is reported differently or not at all by the counterparty. The RE workflow highlights this situation on screen until it is resolved.

Key functions of the Reconciliation Engine are:

  • Real-time monitoring of pairs of incoming record-based data sources
  • Maintain real-time view of which records are unmatched or unreconciled
  • Highlight abnormal delays in the reconciliation of individual records
  • Handle corrections and deletions to previously received records
  • Role-specific workflow ‘to-do’ lists related to unmatched or unreconciled records
  • Displays summary statistics relating to record flows and outstanding issues
  • Database audit of raw records and reconciliation statuses.

Typical usage scenarios include:

  • an exchange wishes to check that trade confirmations being entered via different trading interfaces are matching
  • a broking organisation wishes to ensure that there is a consistent view of trades completed between functions such as: front office trade capture, risk approval, matching/confirmation, clearing, compliance etc.
  • a market data consumer wishes to cross check two feeds of trades from different data suppliers.
  • a buy side firm needs to reconcile its investment manager’s portfolio view with that of its custodian function.

A typical project starts with Sinara conducting a high-level review of a client’s reconciliation requirements. This allows us to determine which requirements are met by the core functionality or existing versions of the add-on components, and what extra modules may need to be written or customised to meet specific client needs. Sinara and the client then agree a project plan for the design and deployment of a RE based system including any configuration and bespoke work.

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