Trading Operational Systems

Exchanges always need to design new products and services for their clients; trading firms and brokers look for competitive advantage through use of technology. Such systems can’t often be bought right off-the-shelf. Only specialised software, designed with your business, and for your business, will do.

Sinara’s expertise in exchange core systems, information/market data systems and pre- and post-trade makes us the ideal partner. We can take on an entire project from requirements gathering through to deployment and ongoing support, or step in at any stage to help with an ongoing project.

We have a proven approach where we work with the client to identify the business requirements and produce an initial prototype that we can build upon, often involving a working user interface on which business users can provide feedback. Clients benefit from Sinara’s industry experience, our understanding of the key systems at different types of financial firms, as well as the in-house software libraries and components that we have built up, allowing development to proceed with tried and tested technology.

One of the areas in which Sinara has built up significant market knowledge is metals trading, due to our work on large projects for the London Metal Exchange over many years. Our consultants and developers often engage directly with traders and business users to understand their perspective. We bring technical and market expertise that is well suited to firms seeking to get the most out of their LME connectivity or deliver new customer offerings in the metals or other commodities space. Some of our recent projects in this area have involved trade matching, market surveillance, and web-based RFQ systems.

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