The SinaraTLC suite of software components allow us to rapidly develop new systems for processes across the trade lifecycle, from placing an order, risk management, and matching, through to clearing and custody. These combine high speed, scalable back-ends with web-based GUIs that can be used by both financial firms and their customers.

  • A strong foundation

    ✓ A cross-platform and cloud-ready framework to replace legacy systems or deliver new client services

  • Realtime

    ✓ Handle trading events and calculations in realtime and eliminate bottlenecks and manual processes

  • Customisable

    ✓ A typical deployment involves Sinara customising a subset of SinaraTLC to deliver a bespoke solution for a client

  • Front Office

    ✓ Trading front-ends and APIs

    ✓ Order management

    ✓ Execution management

    ✓ Realtime market data

  • Middle Office

    ✓ Realtime market surveillance

    ✓ Intraday margin monitoring

    ✓ Pre-trade risk management

    ✓ Market data integration

  • Back Office

    ✓ Regulatory reporting

    ✓ End of day calculations

    ✓ Trade reconciliation

    ✓ Clearing connectivity

  • Exchange

    ✓ Trade matching

    ✓ Pre-trade risk management

    ✓ FIX/binary trading interface

    ✓ Market data distribution

  • Clearing House

    ✓ Collateral management

    ✓ Intraday margin calculations

    ✓ Settlement processing

    ✓ Realtime position monitoring

  • Custodian

    ✓ Warrant/certificate management

    ✓ Collateral transformation

    ✓ Market data integration