Webinar – Unlocking the Secrets to Success in Trading Operations

We are pleased to share the news that Sinara is taking part in a webinar organised by Mondo Visione. Join us on November 29 2023, at 2:00 pm GMT for an exclusive panel discussion on the secrets to success in trading operations through the power of technology. Sinara’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Hamish Adourian, will be joining the panel to share some of our insights into technology challenges and practical solutions.

The topics discussed will focus on how technology can:

  • Reduce risk for seamless trading operations
  • Scale up operations to handle more clients and asset classes
  • Level up customer service for exceptional trading experiences
  • Integrate disjointed workflows for smooth sailing
  • Launch exciting new products and services in the trading world
  • Free up precious time for skilled staff to focus on what truly matters

To secure your spot and gain access to this webinar, click here to register.

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