Market Data Platform: Ready to Go

Five integrated modules for disseminating real-time market intelligence

The platform comprises five core functional modules which can be customised as standalone supportable applications to integrate with existing systems or as an end-to-end data distribution platform. Bespoke or specialist plug-ins can be added to support specific tasks.

For exchanges

Exchanges around the world deploy SinaraMDP in its entirety or as separate applications to add value to members, open up additional subscription and market intelligence services and replace manual processes

For Data Vendors

Data vendors use SinaraMDP to streamline and enhance the subscription services they provide. They enjoy fully supported billing services as well as tools for consumption forecasting and price modelling.

For Brokers

SinaraMDP enables real-time streaming into a broker’s client trading or monitoring apps whilst market surveillance feeds ingest critical market data and content to enhance performance of automated trading algorithms.

ICE Data Services channel partner

For over 20 years, Sinara has delivered market data solutions for ICE Data Services customers around the world.

Related Use Cases

SinaraMDP Modules

SinaraMDP comprises five core areas of functionality.  All are completely customisable and designed to ingest, normalise, distribute and visualise market data via web, mobile or desktop applications. Elements can be combined to form a bespoke platform or integrated with existing systems.

1. Ingestion and management

Ingests data from multiple feeds in multiple formats. Data is parsed and normalised. 

2. Streaming and distribution

Real time information disseminated securely to third party systems or applications.

3. Data visualisation

Presents real time data in graphic, chart or dashboard formats for web, mobile or desktop.

4. Billing

Billing and subscription systems designed and integrated with e-commerce systems.

5. Analytics

Tools for consumption and subscription modelling, forecasting and trend analysis.

What clients value about SinaraMDP

  • Clients can be data vendor independent
  • Real time streaming into trading apps
  • Handles wide data sets 
  • Extensive support across asset classes, including news handling
  • Easy to add new data feeds or sources
  • Scalable up to thousands of connections

Why the markets choose Sinara

  • 30 years’ experience across the trading lifecycle
  • Pre-built trading modules accelerate speed to market
  • Software expertise to customise complex integrations 
  • Everything is 100% supportable and sustainable

We are the trade engineering people.

Management and support

Ensuring future performance

Success of any solution depends on seamless secure integration with other trading systems.  Sinara engineers work with, or for clients to customise, implement and manage the application. 

Management and Service levels

Clients have three options for hosting and management of SinaraMDP and can select different service packages to suit their needs.


Sinara consultants recommend network infrastructure and integrations and will project manage the implementation.


Sinara works with client teams to ensure users are fully trained and familiar with the functionality and capabilities of the system.


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