Our approach 

Our approach to software development

We work on the principle of ‘why, not what’.  With any new project and throughout its lifecycle the most important question is always ‘why’?

All solutions are outcome oriented. We always keep the end-user front of mind, providing business level context for any commentary and most importantly, we always work on the principle of ‘why, not what’.

Our engineers follow strict adherence to our development procedures and guidelines. This makes sure our teams keep a consistent language, approach and set of conventions throughout our projects.

Project management

Typically, a project goes through five phases covering analysis and specification, design, implementation, testing and integration, maintenance, or management.

Our project managers take care of client and project delivery including ongoing project management, project standards, project assurance, project reviews, training, and resourcing.

We believe that having documented project standards enables our developers to work more efficiently and communicate more effectively.   Project standards enable us to set clear parameters, create a common language.  They cover naming conventions, release conventions, use of development tools and test requirements.  
Project assurance is carried out by someone other than the project manager.  This helps the whole team to remain accountable. 

Quality assurance

We take a rigorous approach to testing and have documented test standards, test management, test execution and test training. 

Test reports are provided at the end of any formal testing cycle.  We carry out regression testing before each delivery. We do automated testing on systems with multiple releases, and specialist testing for other projects or solutions including integration, recovery, security or performance. 

Knowledge sharing

Sinara invests in its technical experts.  Time and budget is set aside to share knowledge and best practice and give people self-directed time to build up specialist technical skills.  

We care deeply about driving innovation and creativity and helping people reach their potential. Employees are encouraged to spend a portion of their working time on what they think will help them grow as an individual and will provide additional value to our market.  

We run monthly seminars for all technical staff.  This is a stimulating, ideas-oriented session. Everyone is encouraged to present, and the agenda covers technologies, process reviews, and current and recent projects.  We also share the engineering plan update, the project standards committee update, and share interesting ideas that have come from self-directed time.  

We have a ‘Tech Group’ that reviews development languages and coding tools, reviews ideas for new libraries or components, provides templates for different types of application or technology and provides internal consultation on system design and technology use on projects.  The aim is to encourage communication across different technical teams and share best practice throughout the business.  


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