Why Us

Sinara builds fast to market solutions for critical trading processes

Our story

We build fast to market software solutions for critical trading processes  

We have been operating at the sharp end of metals, commodities, and financial trading for more than 30 years, working closely with exchanges, brokers, and clearers to streamline, integrate and automate processes from execution through to settlement and help them launch new products and services.

Our people have deep understanding of the complexities of the trading lifecycle, particularly in metals markets.

We get excited by a challenge, we listen hard, and we take pride in problem solving. In complex situations, we get the job done because we hire clever, intellectually curious people with the tenacity, mindset, and approach to find a way forward.

The trade engineering people

It is a given that we have a team of expert designers, developers, and engineers. We are also specialists in capital markets. Sinara understands how this sector operates which is why the world’s leading brokers and exchanges trust us to build and manage their critical trading systems.  

The values we look for in our people

The values we look for in our people reflect the way we do business and are the drivers for our success.   

Intelligence and Curiosity

Problem solving comes naturally to us. We like making things work and we love a challenge. 

Tenacity and Determination

We’ll tackle complex projects, we relish the hard stuff and we’ll make sure we  finish the job. 

Equality and Democracy

We listen harder, we build deep engagement with clients and colleagues and we encourage challenge.

What our people say

Sinara was founded in 1989 by four (then) young software specialists who had a yearning to build a great business and to do things better.  The name Sinara is an acronym for Sinara Is Not A Real Acronym.  That should tell you everything you need to know.

“We like to get to the bottom of things. Our engineering ethos is around problem solving and making things work better.” 

Steve Dobb 
Founder, Technical Director 

“There is young blood with fresh minds coming into the business. We’re becoming quite cool geeks now.”

Sarah Maris
Head of Engineering 

“I love the collaboration, commitment, and ownership everybody takes. They really are a great bunch of people to work with.”

Mark Barringer
Chief Operating Officer

“The grads are all open and confident in sharing their ideas with senior management. There isn’t a hierarchical culture.”

Spike Kiezer  
Senior Software Engineer

“We build software to last. From the get-go it is designed to be supportable, adaptable, and robust – we think in terms of at least a ten-year lifespan” 

Hamish Adourian 
Head of Sales and Marketing

“We play the long game. We’re not about short-term profits. That doesn’t mean we’re not fast to market; it means we don’t compromise on quality.”

Phil Bain  
Founder, Commercial Director