Trading Lifecycle Technology: Ready to Go

SinaraTLC Is A Modular Trading Platform

It has been built for exchanges and brokers that need robust replacements for inflexible legacy or obsolete trading operational systems. It is for anyone frustrated by poor data and scattered processes and for new brokers or digital exchanges that need a rapid go-to-market trading solution.


A modular trading solution

SinaraTLC is a set of trading hubs which can be adapted for brokers, exchanges, clearers or custodians. Each hub contains a series of functional modules and user interfaces which Sinara customise to meet client requirements. The modules can run as stand-alone applications or be integrated as an end-to-end trading platform.

TLC: Broker

Broker Modules
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Back-office
  • Reporting & MI
  • Real time market data
     Broker Interface
  • Trading front end
  • RFQ
  • Direct Market Access

TLC: Exchange

Exchange Modules
  • Matching
  • Market data generation
  • Risk management
  • Intra-day calculations
  • Clearing connectivity
  • Reporting & MI
      Exchange Interface
  • Trading and clearing
  • Market data
  • Member front-end

TLC: Clearing

Clearing Modules
  • Risk management
  • VaR margin calculations
  • Position management
  • Collateral management
  • Settlement
  • Reporting & MI
     Clearer Interface
  • Transactions 
  • Market data
  • Member front-end

TLC: Custodian

Custodian Modules
  • Post trade asset management
  • Warrant certificate management
  • Collateral transformation
      Custodian Interface
  • Transactions 
  • Exchange interface
  • Member front-end

Key Benefits Of SinaraTLC

  • Less friction than legacy tech with streamlined, real-time trading workflows
  • Enhanced customer service with simple communication and quoting/execution services
  • Better risk management with centralised, real-time views 
  • Scale up at pace and respond quickly to market changes 
  • Better governance with compliant collateral management and regulatory reporting

Reliable, Scalable, Secure

Ready for the cloud or on-premises deployment

The SinaraTLC suite of software components allow us to rapidly develop new systems for processes across the trade lifecycle, from placing an order, risk management, and matching, through to clearing and custody. These combine high speed, scalable back-ends with secure web-based GUIs that can be used by both financial firms and their customers.

SinaraTLC™ Management and Support

Ensuring future performance

The success of any solution depends on seamless secure integration with other trading systems.  Sinara engineers work with clients to customise, implement and manage the application. 

Management and Service levels

Clients have three options for hosting and management of SinaraTLC and can select from different service packages to suit their needs.


Sinara consultants recommend network infrastructure and integrations and will project manage the implementation.


Sinara works with client teams to ensure users are fully trained and familiar with the functionality and capabilities of the system. 

Why the markets choose Sinara

  • 30 years’ experience across the trading lifecycle
  • Pre-built trading modules accelerate speed to market
  • Software expertise to customise complex integrations 
  • Everything is 100% supportable and sustainable

We are the trade engineering people.


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