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  • Sinara is a well-established London-based software house building highly integrated, supported and managed software solutions for exchanges and financial institutions

  • A trusted software partner to both established institutions and startups, Sinara helps our clients streamline operations and achieve business goals in fast-moving environments

  • Our experienced project teams combine strong technical skills and industry knowledge with a pragmatic, flexible approach to deliver and support business-critical IT systems

  • Integrated Software Framework for Brokers, Exchanges and Clearers

    SinaraTLC offers an end-to-end set of components that span the full course of the trade lifecycle, from order entry, management and routing through to trade matching, clearing and settlement.

  • Sinara are diligent, enterprising and reliable. They manage expectations well and always deliver when and what they say they will. I have worked with them on several occasions and would work with them again.

    - Former Head of Post Trade at Major Exchange


    ICE Data Services channel partner
    For over 20 years, Sinara have delivered market data solutions for ICE Data Services customers around the world.

  • Sinara were key to bringing a successful multi-year programme of market data dissemination technologies to market--everything from large scale real time data dissemination to major data aggregators, to mobile and web-based subscription services for end users. It’s unique to find specialist software engineers who really understand both trading and data customer needs in Derivatives and Capital Markets and have a track record of delivery like Sinara. They have a great team who truly worked in partnership to innovate within budget constraints.

    - Former Head of Data at Major Exchange

  • Interview on Exchange Invest IPO-VID livestream

    We spoke with host Patrick Young about the transformative role of technology across the trade lifecycle, and Sinara's work building key operational systems for exchanges.

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