Fast to market solutions for critical trading processes

Modular managed trading solutions for brokers and exchanges

Fast to market software for critical trading processes

We have been operating at the sharp end of metals, commodities, and financial trading for more than 30 years, working closely with exchanges, brokers, and clearers to streamline, integrate and automate processes from order entry through to settlement.

Modular managed trading solutions for exchanges and brokers

Quick start solutions for established exchanges

Agile proof of concept solutions for specific exchange projects, revenue streams or upgrades.

Art of the possible for established brokers

Specialist trading modules, process automation, and market data integration.

Fast to market platform for start-ups

Advice, design and build of rapid, cost-effective end-to-end trading solutions.

Trading Lifecycle Technology: Ready to Go

Sinara is the go-to provider of specialist trading solutions for brokers, exchanges and clearing houses. The business has transitioned from being solely consultancy-led to a respected provider of modular managed trading solutions. 


Trading Lifecycle Technology

SinaraTLC is our flagship solution. It is a rapid build, modular trading platform customisable for use by brokers, exchanges, clearers or custodians.

Market Data Platform

Ingestion, streaming, visualisation, billing and analytics modules can be customised as part of standalone web or mobile applications.

Managed Services and Solutions

There are three options for hosting and management, and clients can select different service packages to suit their needs.


Our professional services team is here to provide consultancy advice, guidance and delivery on any bespoke project or integration.

Why the markets choose Sinara

  • 30 years’ experience across the trading lifecycle
  • Pre-built trading modules accelerate speed to market
  • Software expertise to customise complex integrations 
  • Everything is 100% supportable and sustainable

We are the trade engineering people.

Trade Technology Insights

Our work with exchanges and brokers gives us unique insights into how the market is navigating current challenges and opportunities.  Visit our insights page where we’ll share thoughts from our team and other industry experts on latest technology trends and developments.  

Hamish Adourian

Logging for Supportable Systems

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