The Trade Engineering People 

Specialist, expert, fast and robust 

Four things that set Sinara apart

There are four things that together set Sinara apart. We are specialists in capital markets, we recruit and train the brightest software developers and we have developed a library of fast to market modular trading solutions that are 100% supportable, sustainable and robust.

Specialists in capital markets

Trading Lifecycle

Over the years we have built deep understanding of the entire trading lifecycle. Our teams have listened, understood, and designed back-end services, web and mobile applications and user-interfaces to make the trading lifecycle work more smoothly. 

Metals and commodities

Sinara has worked in metals trading for more over 15 years and has built systems that improve trading processes for agricultural and energy futures, contract management and trade financing.  We have brought technical expertise and market knowledge to bear in the design of solutions to streamline the trading lifecycle and commercialise market data.

Sinara works with brokers to build pricing algorithms and value at risk modelling to improve collateral allocation, and helps exchanges and brokers to remove manual, paper-based processes and move towards faster settlements through digitised titles, secure virtual paper trails, and digitised warehousing.

Market Data

Sinara has been building and supporting software systems to handle financial market data since the business was founded in 1989.  Now more than 100 clients across Europe, Asia and the US deploy our market data software solutions. 

Fast to market

Our pre-built library of trading modules form our two flagship platforms SinaraTLC and SinaraMDP.  Elements of both can be integrated with existing trading systems or combined to form customised trading or market data solutions.

Technically expert

We spend time finding and developing the best software developers in the world.  We invest in their growth and ensure that they have access to latest thinking, they follow best practices and that knowledge is transferred within the teams and to our clients. 

Deep technical expertise means our modular solutions can be customised and integrated into the most complex environments.

100% supportable and sustainable

All our solutions are designed to integrate securely with other systems and can be supported or fully managed by our team if required.