Consulting and professional services 

When off the shelf won’t do

Consulting and professional services

Sinara is one of the UK’s most experienced technology firms specialising in building custom software to support the trading life cycle and the commercialisation and distribution of market data.

We work with clients on a consultancy basis bringing 30 years’ experience to bear in the development of real time trading solutions. As well as software development, assignments cover a range of high-level activities from advice and guidance to business analysis, technical specifications, systems architecture, and systems investigation. All work is done by full-time Sinara staff, and we guarantee high quality outcomes.

Systems integration

We make things work together

We pride ourselves on making the new work with the old.  Many projects fall over at the point at which new technology meets legacy infrastructure.  Our experts have years of experience in making things work.  We fear no software and approach each project with tenacity and determination.

Experts on site

Short- or long-term professional services contracts

If internal resources are stretched, you need interim cover, or for times when specialist input is required, Sinara will provide expert developers, engineers, and project managers, experienced in trading systems and processes to work with you or for you on site.

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