Market Data Distribution

If you need to distribute real time or delayed market data to potentially large numbers of users within your organisation or to your customers, then Sinara can build a high performance, flexible solution that your business can rely on. We have built customised market data distribution systems based on our own Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP).

Sinara are experts in the design, delivery and support of IT systems for handling financial market data. Over 100 clients across Europe, Asia and the US have deployed market data software solutions from Sinara.

We provide software and services to integrate market data with both packaged and in-house developed applications such as trading, OMS, reconciliation, compliance, portfolio valuation, transaction cost analysis, websites and mobile apps. Sinara project teams or individual specialists work with clients on their market data projects to build bespoke systems or solutions based on Sinara’s range of financial market data handling software products.

By engaging with Sinara, clients are tapping into over 100 man-years of market data systems expertise across many asset classes (equities, derivatives, metals, FX, etc).

Example solutions include large-scale streaming distribution for both trading exchanges/venues and data consumers such as online brokers, banks and hedge funds.

  • Financial clients can integrate real-time market data and reference data into any application (e.g. online trading, portfolio management, web sites and portals, mobile applications) using Sinara-built APIs.
  • Exchanges or ticker plants use Sinara products for real-time data dissemination to data vendors or consumers. Solutions can be configured to enable the definition of multiple data products for distribution to clients (e.g. real-time, delayed, on-demand , data replay, trade history, reports).
Case Studies

Market Data Platform for Mobile
Market Data Distribution System