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Vana Angou

Embracing Growth: Internal Promotions, Transitions and Ongoing Recruitment

At Sinara, we believe in fostering a culture of growth and development. As we continue to expand and evolve, it brings us great pleasure to announce some recent personnel changes within the business. These changes not only reflect our commitment to nurturing talent from within but also our dedication to ensuring the best possible service for our clients. Strengthening Our Leadership We are pleased to announce Patricia Moneo Rodrigo’s promotion to the role of Head of Technical Operations. Patricia’s strategic vision and leadership skills will drive our systems and support functions to new successes, ensuring efficiency across departments. Furthermore, Callum

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Making sense of message queues

Introduction When designing complex trading operational systems composed of multiple specialised processes, ensuring reliable, effective communication among them can be a significant challenge. Traditional approaches, such as remote procedure calls or direct binary protocols, can

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Introduction to Kubernetes (K8s)

Financial firms are increasingly keen to embrace cloud technology in new software solutions, or indeed in migrating existing systems over to the cloud. The advantages and disadvantages of the cloud aside, many of the new

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Trade Technology

OWASP Security Standards for Web Applications

Any good developer knows that security, especially in web applications, is an ever-changing field and it’s important to keep up to date. It’s also a complex field, so you should never try “rolling your own”

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Reflections on LME’s Sustainability Morning

Introduction Commodity trading has always had a difficult relationship with sustainability and environmental protection. With COP26 now concluded, there continues to remain an opportunity for the commodity markets to find a key role in this

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