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White paper
Vana Angou

White Paper – A Toolkit for Financial Markets

We are excited to announce that Sinara has produced a white paper in collaboration with Mondo Visione. It can be easily downloaded by following this page. You can see a preview below. Capital markets are growing in size and complexity, and the velocity of data continues to increase. In addition, participants have to contend with a fast-changing commercial, technological and regulatory environment, with increasing competition and disruption, so having the right technology partner is critical. Fundamental technological shifts, such as the trend to digitisation, present new challenges and opportunities. To remain competitive in this ever-changing technological landscape, capital market firms

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Trade Technology

OWASP Security Standards for Web Applications

Any good developer knows that security, especially in web applications, is an ever-changing field and it’s important to keep up to date. It’s also a complex field, so you should never try “rolling your own” security, and instead make sure to use industry standards and guidelines for the best possible security outcomes. In the fast-paced world of the financial markets, security is paramount (more…)

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FIA IDX 2019

At the FIA International Derivatives Expo 2019 in London last week, there was much discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing exchanges and clearing houses, and the types of technology investments they might need to

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Reflections on LME’s Sustainability Morning

Commodity trading has always had a difficult relationship with sustainability and environmental protection. With COP26 now concluded, there continues to remain an opportunity for the commodity markets to find a key role in this ever-growing challenge. (more…)

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Introduction to Kubernetes (K8s)

Financial firms are increasingly keen to embrace cloud technology in new software solutions, or indeed in migrating existing systems over to the cloud. The advantages and disadvantages of the cloud aside, many of the new

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Sinara at LME Week 2021: LME Metals Seminar, Monday Oct 11

As LME Week returns to London this year as a physical event, Sinara is pleased to again be sponsoring the LME Metals Seminar on Monday 11 October. For the first time, we will also be hosting an exhibitor stand at the Seminar, and look forward to speaking with delegates and explaining more about what we do in metals trading technology and how we can help. (more…)

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