Covid-19 update: September 2020

As the Covid-19 situation and the associated government guidance evolves, we at Sinara thought that we would update you on our own activities and how we continue to adapt.

As ever, our priority remains to protect the welfare of our staff and their families, and to act responsibly with regard to the wider community.

For a number of months now, our policy has been for Sinara’s staff to work from home. This model continues to work well, and we have successfully delivered customer projects, and started new ones, over that time. Equally, our support operation continues to provide the usual high levels of service and quality for which Sinara is known. Overall, we have been able to work alongside our major clients to ensure our working practices are closely aligned.

Our main market of financial services, and in particular the world of exchanges and trading firms, remains very dependent on reliable and innovative technology systems such as those built by Sinara. We therefore look forward to working closely with our clients over the coming months, and remain very much open to discussions with new clients about their future needs. Please do get in touch.


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