LME Metals Seminar 2020

This year, Sinara is pleased to once again sponsor the LME Metals Seminar as part of LME Week 2020, on Monday 19 October. Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, this year’s event is being run virtually, but we’re still looking forward to views and analysis from industry speakers, panel discussions and debates, and updates from the LME.

The seminar will also offer online networking opportunities. Sinara will be running our very own ‘virtual booth’ and welcome anyone who wants to have a quick chat with us on the day and find out more about what we do and how we can help.

Sinara have an extensive working knowledge of many of the business processes within the LME through our work in delivering or integrating with many of the core operational IT systems at the exchange. This includes all the types of contract traded on the exchange and the data associated with them.

For LME member firms and other institutions that trade LME contracts, we bring technical and market expertise that is well suited to projects to improve trading operations or deliver new customer offerings in the metals/commodities space.

We look forward to meeting (albeit virtually!) with colleagues from across the industry during the LME Metals Seminar. Of course, you can arrange to speak with us at any time, so do email us at if you’d like to set up a short introductory call.

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