Sinara at LME Week 2022: LME Metals Seminar, Monday Oct 24

We are pleased to announce that Sinara will once again be sponsoring the LME Metals Seminar on Monday 24th October in London. Like last year, we will be hosting an exhibitor stand at the Seminar, and speaking to delegates about how we can help metals derivatives firms with their trading technology needs. We will be presenting our SinaraTLC suite […]

Sinara at LME Week 2021: LME Metals Seminar, Monday Oct 11

As LME Week returns to London this year as a physical event, Sinara is pleased to again be sponsoring the LME Metals Seminar on Monday 11 October. For the first time, we will also be hosting an exhibitor stand at the Seminar, and look forward to speaking with delegates and explaining more about what we do in metals trading technology and how we can help. (more…)

Sinara in WatersTechnology – “Made to Measure”

Sinara are pleased to have contributed to the WatersTechnology article “Made to Measure” about the technology challenges facing trading participants in the financial markets, and how specialist software development can help deliver cost-effective and highly competitive solutions. (more…)

Developing Software with Market Data – Part 2

In this blog post, continued from Part 1, we’ll continue our recap of some of the topics discussed in the recent FISD webinar on Developing Software with Market Data, in which Sinara participated. In Part 1, we looked at the critical elements you need to consider when building software with market data and the skillset […]

Developing Software with Market Data – Part 1

Earlier this month, I was invited to take part in an international webinar panel discussion on Developing Software with Market Data, organised by FISD. Sinara have worked in the market data space for over 30 years, and built large-scale systems for clients around the world, so we are always pleased to be invited to share […]

LME Metals Seminar 2020

This year, Sinara is pleased to once again sponsor the LME Metals Seminar as part of LME Week 2020, on Monday 19 October. Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, this year’s event is being run virtually, but we’re still looking forward to views and analysis from industry speakers, panel discussions and debates, and updates from […]

FISD webinar on developing software with market data

Sinara is pleased to be have been invited to take part in an FISD webinar panel discussion on Developing Software for Market Data on October 1st at 2pm (London time). We’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts on the key choices faced by financial institutions and their business and technical teams when building new software systems. […]

Web security: basic principles

With ever more sensitive information being transferred over the Internet, it is important to establish well-understood security mechanisms that will ensure online business activities can be carried with confidence. (more…)