Embracing Growth: Internal Promotions, Transitions and Ongoing Recruitment

At Sinara, we believe in fostering a culture of growth and development. As we continue to expand and evolve, it brings us great pleasure to announce some recent personnel changes within the business. These changes not only reflect our commitment to nurturing talent from within but also our dedication to ensuring the best possible service for our clients.

Strengthening Our Leadership

We are pleased to announce Patricia Moneo Rodrigo’s promotion to the role of Head of Technical Operations. Patricia’s strategic vision and leadership skills will drive our systems and support functions to new successes, ensuring efficiency across departments.

Furthermore, Callum Chapple, with his extensive application expertise and dedication to customer service, has stepped into the role of Application Support Manager. Callum’s strong understanding of client systems make him the perfect fit to lead our application support team.

Veronika Bolshakova has been appointed as the Deputy Application Support Manager. Veronika’s exceptional problem-solving abilities and passion for excellence will make sure she will continue to excel in her new role.

Moreover, we are pleased to share that Nathan Hall has successfully transitioned from his role in Application Support to Project Management. Nathan’s strong communication skills and in-depth technical knowledge make him well-equipped to lead our projects to success, ensuring timely and high-quality delivery and client satisfaction.

Continuing Our Commitment to Talent Acquisition

Our commitment to nurturing talent doesn’t stop with internal transitions. We have just completed a successful campaign for our 2024 intake of graduate software engineers. At Sinara, we are passionate about seeking talented and ambitious individuals to join our engineering, QA and support teams and contribute to our success.

We are confident that these transitions and ongoing recruitment efforts will further strengthen Sinara and enable us to continue delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.

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