Sinara extends market data integration services

London, 13th October 2014: Sinara Consultants, a London based software house specialising in market data systems, has announced a more comprehensive set of market data System Integration services. Sinara has extended its range of consulting services to analyse, design or enhance clients’ own market data repositories and data warehouses.

Sinara have for many years been using database design skills as the basis for SinaraMDP, a market data platform product line that has been installed worldwide. Many of the skills that have been used to build, customise and deploy Sinara’s software products have now been packaged into a wider set of consulting services for clients under the Market Data SI banner.

Over the course of 2014 Sinara worked with a number of clients to analyse and design their market data repositories and data warehouses. This involved senior Sinara experts working with complex data sets from multiple vendors and clients’ internal IT systems in order to build data repositories that are both performant and flexible enough to support the clients’ applications.

Sales & Marketing Director, Gary Hughes comments: “Clients who use Sinara’s market data platform know how well-designed our databases and APIs are in terms of supporting their market data systems. We have now opened up Sinara’s expertise in this area to a wider client base who can benefit from using the skills of Sinara’s software experts to help them design, build or extend their internal market data repositories. We have already completed a number of client projects and expect our Market Data SI service to be very relevant as financial institutions struggle to handle the increasing volumes and complexity of data that their internal and external clients need to support their business applications.”

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