Sinara releases improved performance Market Data Platform

London, 14th November 2013: UK software house Sinara Consultants has announced new data conflation and dynamic subscription facilities as part of a performance improvement programme for the Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP).

Data conflation has been part of Sinara’s platform for a number of years, provided by intelligent quote mitigation processing. Sinara have now re-engineered this module in response to increasing market data volumes experienced across the globe, particularly in Asia.

In a related addition, the new dynamic data subscription facilities allow the platform to process only those instruments or markets that connected client applications are currently subscribed to. Subscriptions are controlled and monitored by the platform’s advanced permissioning module.

Gary Hughes, Sales & Marketing Director notes: “These software improvements can help reduce the volume of data flowing through the platform, particularly where it is deployed as a hosted facility used by multiple clients. Sinara are always looking for ways to improve and expand our platform to meet our customers’ demands, and expect to release further improvements over the next year.”

The improved data conflation module can help with:

  • Delivery of data to external end users (e.g. retail customers) using internet or mobile connections
  • Delivery of data to back-office users who do not need the expensive network facilities of the trading room
  • Controlling the flow of data to user terminal applications to match the processing and display capabilities available.

The improved design has been implemented as multi-threaded software written in C++ utilising the latest multi-core server technology. This delivers high-throughput and resilience even in the most demanding conditions, such as market open for major US or Asian equities exchanges.

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