Sinara upgrades management tools for SinaraMDP

London, 4th March 2013: Sinara has released a number of improvements to the system management of its major platform SinaraMDP to provide a structured and easy to use set of tools for Sinara and their customers to monitor the system.

These include:

  • Windows Client Applications which can be used to test the end-to-end operation of SinaraMDP and can be used for trouble shooting and diagnosing problems with data content or connectivity.
  • A number of web services that show the status of the major components of the platform, including connections to external feeds and volume of messages passing through the platform.

To support some of these features, Sinara added a new component to SinaraMDP called the Remote Source Monitor (RSM), which provides a mechanism to continuously monitor end-to-end operation of the platform system from a remote location. The RSM monitors the Feed Status Messages generated for each market data source configured on the system.

The RSM acts as a mini web server, and generates web pages indicating the status of each data source that the RSM is configured to monitor. The status will change from green to red to indicate a failure on the system.

The RSM also detects and reports on the failure of major hardware and software system components including: Input data feeds; Individual software components; Load Balancer/Firewall and Internet access to the Platform.

Sinara has successfully deployed these new system management features at major SinaraMDP Platform installations in Europe and Asia.

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