Market Data Distribution

If you need to distribute real-time market data to large numbers of users within your organisation or to your customers, then Sinara can build a high-performance, flexible solution that your business can rely on. We deliver customised market data distribution systems based on our own Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP) to meet your specific needs.

Sinara have been building and supporting software systems to handle financial market data for over 20 years. Over 100 clients across Europe, Asia and the US have deployed market data software solutions from Sinara. These clients include both trading exchanges and data consumers such as online brokers, banks and hedge funds.

Sinara’s expertise enables us to understand data sets for multiple asset classes and how to build the technology to handle this ever-growing volume of data in a fast and efficient manner. Sinara software helps you turn market data into actionable information.

The volume and variety of market data continues to grow, posing challenges to both data producers and data consumers. SinaraMDP can handle market data in many forms, including real-time multicast, simple on-demand XML data feeds, or large files for reference or end-of day data.

Sinara’s platform includes a set of APIs to integrate market data with both packaged and client-developed applications for trading, OMS, analytics, compliance, portfolio valuation, transaction cost analysis, websites and mobile apps.

Case Studies

Market Data Platform for Mobile
Market Data Distribution System

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