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Blockchain – Part 3 – Smart Contracts

Introduction In this final post in our three part series on Blockchain, we discuss an important idea in this space, smart contracts. This featured heavily at recent Blockchain Summits and similar conferences, and is a topic of great interest and research. Overview As anyone who has studied computer science will know, there are two central (more…)


MiFID II Master Reference Data System

The upcoming MiFID/MiFIR II regulations and directives being developed by ESMA, the financial regulator of the European Union, are the subject of much discussion within the financial industry. Technology companies working within this space, including Sinara, will also be examining the implications for their clients and how the products and services they offer can (more…)


Market Data APIs

Earlier this year, as one of Sinara’s founding directors, I participated in a financial market data industry panel that covered the topic of Market Data APIs. This Blog post covers some of my views on the subjects discussed at that event, based on my industry experience and role as one of the system architects of (more…)