International Metal Platform AG (“IMP”) announces the launch of its spot trading Platform for ferro-alloys, noble alloys and minor metals effective 5 December 2022

Zürich, 3rd November 2022: International Metal Platform AG (“IMP”) is launching its new web-based Platform for trading physically delivered metals contracts in ferro-alloys, noble alloys and minor metals, with live trading to commence from 5 December 2022. IMP will start accepting new User registrations for onboarding to the Platform effective from 7 November 2022. The Platform […]

OWASP Security Standards for Web Applications

Any good developer knows that security, especially in web applications, is an ever-changing field and it’s important to keep up to date. It’s also a complex field, so you should never try “rolling your own” security, and instead make sure to use industry standards and guidelines for the best possible security outcomes. In the fast-paced […]