Sinara add citi-cats data to market data platform

As online brokers seek new services and opportunities to provide for their clients, some look to the various off-exchange venues to distinguish themselves. As a supplier of a market data platform, (SinaraMDP) it is important for Sinara to be able to adapt to these new data demands, by having a software design that is flexible enough to integrate the data plus APIs to serve it up to client applications in a consistent manner.

Over recent months, Sinara has extended its market data platform to allow our clients to use cats market data from Citigroup. cats is operated by Citigroup Global Markets as an off-exchange marketplace allowing clients of online retail brokers and asset managers to interact with product issuers and market makers.

Cats market-data provides a pre-trade and post-trade market data subscription service to reflect real-time off-exchange market conditions, and is currently made available to Sinara clients via Interactive data’s consolidated feed.

SinaraMDP is flexible enough to allow the addition of such new data sets quickly and easily. The feed handlers are designed to process data from a number of sources and then provide the data in a normalised manner to the client’s applications. The data can be accessed via the system’s database or in streaming mode using one of the many rich APIs that come as standard on the Sinara platform.

The first client has already gone live with the upgraded software and was able to integrate the cats market data into their existing applications and websites with minimal effort.

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