Strengthening Sinara’s support team

Sinara’s support services are an integral part of what we do as a company, and our deployed systems for exchange and trading clients around the world are supported by our dedicated Application Support team based in London. As trading patterns have evolved, we are increasingly providing 24-hour coverage for many of our customers so they can be confident that Sinara support professionals, with in-depth knowledge of their system, will be on-hand to provide assistance when needed.

To help drive forward our plans for Sinara’s support services over the next few years, we have recently made some organisational changes in the Application Support team.

Mark Barringer, previously Head of Application Support, is taking up a more senior operational management role within Sinara, with application support remaining part of his remit.

Patricia Moneo Rodrigo is our new Application Support Manager and has ultimate responsibility for delivering our application support service to all our clients. Patricia says: “I’ve been working in the Application Support team at Sinara for the last two years and built up experience across all our Sinara applications. I’m keen to work with our clients and their support managers to strengthen our service delivery and collaboration.”

Mark adds: “I will be working with Patricia to expand the support team as part of our clear objective of delivering continuous improvement to support service levels for all our clients.”

As well as expanding the team, Sinara are continuing to invest in improved workflow and incident tracking systems to support the operation of the support team in terms of how Sinara receives, assigns and investigates production application incidents.


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