Press Releases
London Metal Exchange choose Sinara to develop new Matching system
July 5, 2016

London, 5th July 2016: UK software house Sinara Consultants, a specialist in IT systems for exchanges and their member firms, has been chosen to develop a new Matching system for the London Metal Exchange (LME). As part of its plans to upgrade its core systems to meet MiFID II requirements, the LME will deploy a new, (more…)

Sinara promotes vendor independent Market Data APIs
June 22, 2015

London, 22nd June 2015: Sinara Consultants, a London based software house specialising in market data systems, has called for the adoption of more open and vendor-agnostic sets of APIs to be utilised for market data systems. Speaking at an industry panel in London, Sinara founding director Steve Dobb outlined the issues surrounding the use of (more…)

Sinara extends market data integration services
October 13, 2014

London, 13th October 2014: Sinara Consultants, a London based software house specialising in market data systems, has announced a more comprehensive set of market data System Integration services. Sinara has extended its range of consulting services to analyse, design or enhance clients’ own market data repositories and data warehouses. Sinara have for many years been (more…)

Sinara extends Dow Jones News Manager for DJNML
June 20, 2014

London, 20th June 2014: UK software house Sinara Consultants has released an updated version of its Dow Jones News Manager software so that it can now process the news feed in DJNML format. The product upgrade was initially requested by a major European bank, who have used the News Manager product for many years, but (more…)

Sinara releases improved performance Market Data Platform
November 14, 2013

London, 14th November 2013: UK software house Sinara Consultants has announced new data conflation and dynamic subscription facilities as part of a performance improvement programme for the Sinara Market Data Platform (SinaraMDP). Data conflation has been part of Sinara’s platform for a number of years, provided by intelligent quote mitigation processing. Sinara have now re-engineered this (more…)

Sinara upgrades management tools for SinaraMDP
March 4, 2013

London, 4th March 2013: Sinara has released a number of improvements to the system management of its major platform SinaraMDP to provide a structured and easy to use set of tools for Sinara and their customers to monitor the system. These include: Windows Client Applications which can be used to test the end-to-end operation of (more…)

Sinara relocates Hosted Solutions to Interxion’s London Data Centre
August 14, 2012

London, 14th August 2012: Sinara Consultants, a leading software house to the financial marketplace, has relocated its hosted Market Data Platform to the London data centre campus of Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services. Sinara has also moved many of its own development systems and test beds into Interxion’s London (more…)